SCRATCh Partners at the USDAI 2020 and SAFECOMP 2020

September 16, 2020
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September 16, 2020 Jannis Höschele

SCRATCh partners showed a strong presence at the 1st international workshop on the underpinnings of safe distributed AI (USDAI 2020, in conjunction with SAFECOMP 2020), held online on 15/9/2020. The workshop was kicked off with an inspiring keynote address by prof. Philipp Slusallek, DFKI, on “Digital Reality” and two papers from the SCRATCh project were presented: Creating It from SCRATCh: A Practical Approach for Enhancing the Security of IoT-Systems in a DevOps-Enabled Software Development Environment, Simon D. Duque Anton, Daniel Fraunholz, Daniel Krohmer, Daniel Reti, Hans D. Schotten, Franklin Selgert, Marcell Marosvölgyi, Morten Larsen, Krishna Sudhakar, Tobias Koch, Till Witt, Cédric Bassem and Cynefin Framework, DevOps and Secure IoT, Franklin Selgert.

The informal afternoon post-workshop session saw a presentation on Cyber-Physical System Architecture for Industry 4.0 in Smart Factories and Manufacturing, George Suciu and Hussain Ijaz, Cristian Beceanu.

The proceedings of USDAI 2020 together with the other SAFECOMP workshops are published by Springer: