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1 Platform & Backend These are services within the World Wide Web, which provide a web-based interface to web users or to web-connected applications. This means web technologies can be used in IoT for Human-to-Machine (H2M) communications and for M2M communications. View
2 Other IoT These are devices whose purpose is to serve as an interface or as an aggregator between other IoT devices of a given IoT ecosystem. Moreover, devices used by users to interface and interact with IoT devices. View
3 IoT Devices Software comprises the IoT device’s OS, its firmware and the programs and applications installed/running. View
4 Infrastructure This group comprises the assets specifically focused on the security of the IoT devices, networks and information. Most prominently, these include firewalls, Web Application Firewalls (WAF), CASBs for protecting the cloud, IDSs, IPSs and authentication/authorisation systems. View
5 Information Information used by an application, service or IoT element in general. View
6 Ecosystem These are devices specially designed to manage other IoT devices, networks etc. View
7 Decision making Services facilitating the processing of gathered data in order to obtain useful information, which can be used to apply rules and logic, to make decisions and to automate processes. Machine learning can be employed to learn from the use of information available over time. View
8 Communications They define the set of rules on how communication between two or more IoT devices must be performed through a given channel. There are many communication protocols, which can be either wireless or wireline-based. Examples of IoT communication protocols are ZigBee, MQTT, CoAP, BLE, etc. View
9 Applications & Services The contextualisation of the IoT ecosystem devices and networks, so as to understand the current status, usage patterns, performance, etc. View
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