SeCuRe and Agile Connected Things


What is SCRATCh


Development and operation of secure, large-scale IoT systems is hard. While there exist technological platforms aimed at providing the necessary building blocks to integrate devices and backbone logic, they do not address the major concerns of today’s software-intensive systems: security, agility and a need for continuous deployment.

SCRATCh proposes an integrative approach to IoT, security and DevOps practices through a set of interoperable tools (toolkit) based on a common conceptual architecture and consisting of the following elements:

  • Security foundation for strong device identity – use of secure elements protecting secrets providing guarantees on device identity, communication confidentiality, tamper resistance and evidence as well as collecting security metrics as part of the continuous secure deployment chain.
  • DevOps IoT tools integrating processes and technologies that accelerate development and continuous deployment of IoT solutions. This is based on the DevOps principles and includes security controls, tests and feedback loops, built on top of a secure-by-design architecture.
  • A SecDevOps-inspired process consisting of procedures that actively promote continuous deployment of incremental system upgrades that facilitate security and reliability, based on real-world operational metrics.

Use Cases

  • Connected Retail: secure continuous deployment of apps running on POS terminals, smart trolleys, and electronic shelf labels.
  • Police: redesign of an existing mobile surveillance platform addressing secure storage, streaming and provisioning.
  • Smart Grids: development of anti-fraud algorithms, blockchain implementations and other security mechanisms.
  • Smart Machine: development of a smart and secure way to connect machines.