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Enisa R Id : GP-OP-07
Req Description : Participate in information-sharing platforms to report vulnerabilities and receive timely and critical information about current cyber threats and vulnerabilities from public and private partners
Standards In Support Of Requirement : ISO 27002 6.1.3 ISO 27002 6.1.4 Addressed in TS 103 645 and in ETSI TR 103 533. In addition the use of Common Vulnerability Disclosure (ISO/IEC 29147) applies. It is also noted in a number of regulatory instruments (GDPR, NIS, …) that common use of the CERT framework is expected.
Remarks S :
Include : yes
Source : IoT Security Standards Gap Analysis version 1 dec 2018
Licence : copyright European Union Agency for Network and Information Security ENISA, 2018 Reproduction is authorised provided the source is acknowledged.