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Source: Baseline Security Recommendations for IoT in the context of Critical Information Infrastructures November 2017

# Requirement Nr Description Good Practice Is Fullfilled By Remarks
1 GP-TM-07 Use protocols and mechanisms able to represent and manage trust and trust relationships. Trust and Integrity Management View
2 GP-TM-06 Restore Secure State - Enable a system to return to a state that is known to be secure, after a security breach occurs or if an upgrade is not successful. Trust and Integrity Management View
3 GP-TM-05 Control the installation of software on operational systems, to prevent unauthenticated software and files being loaded onto it. Trust and Integrity Management View
4 GP-TM-04 Sign code cryptographically to ensure it has not been tampered after being signed as safe for the device, and implement run-time protection and secure execution monitoring to be sure malicious attacks do not overwrite code after it is loaded. Trust and Integrity Management View
5 GP-TM-03 The boot process initializes the main hardware components, and starts the operating system. Trust must be established in the boot environment before any trust in any other software or executable program can be claimed. Trust and Integrity Management View
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