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Uni Id : UNI.305
Req Type : Functional Requirement
Category : Data handling & communication
Description : A system built using the ARM shall support one to many / one to all communication (e.g. broadcast messages).
Rationale : In certain IoT scenarios (e.g. sensor networks), a single node (the sender) sends data to all nodes of a network, for example for configuration purposes. "S. S. Kulkarni, “TDMA Services for Sensor Networks,” Proc. 24th Int’l. Conf. Distrib. Comp. Sys. Wksps., Mar. 2004, pp. 604–09"
View : Functional
Perspective : (none)
Functionality Group : Communication
Functional Component : Hop to Hop Communication
Domain Model : Devices (Sensors, Tags, Actuators)
Remark :
Scratch : Gateway