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Uni Id : UNI.718
Req Type : Non-functional Requirement
Category : Resilience, Availability, Autonomicity
Description : The system shall be able to perform self-healing
Rationale : "The system tries to recover from faults or to avoid them. Self-healing can be implemented in two different styles. They are reactive and proactive modes. In reactive mode the system detects and recovers from faults as they occur. The system also tries to repair the faulted functions if possible. In proactive mode the system monitors its state to detect and adjust its behaviour before reaching an undesired state." ""> T. Töyry, "Self-management in Internet of Things""
View : (none)
Perspective : Availability and resilience
Functionality Group : Management
Functional Component : (none specific)
Domain Model : (None)
Remark :
Scratch : Gateway