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Uni Id : UNI.704
Req Type : Functional Requirement
Category : Autonomicity
Description : A system built using the ARM shall exhibit self-management behaviour
Rationale : There is no future for a centralized management (in most cases). It is necessary to move the research effort towards self-management approaches. "G. Drea Rodosek, A. Pras, H. Schulzrinne, and B. Stiller, "Learning from the Past: Implications for the Future Internet and its Management?", Dagstuhl Seminar 11042, 2011" "S. Kim, M. Choi, H. Ju, M. Ejiri, J. Hong, "Towards management requirements of Future Internet", In: "Challenges for next generation network operations and service management.", Springer, 2008, pp 156–166"
View : Functional
Perspective : (none specific)
Functionality Group : Management
Functional Component : Performance, Member, State
Domain Model : (None)
Remark :
Scratch : Gateway