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Uni Id : UNI.710
Req Type : Functional Requirement
Category : Architecture
Description : A system built using the ARM shall include a management repository to store information on the state of the system
Rationale : "Management of the Future Internet architecture will require data on the current state of the network, available in real time. The challenge is that the proposed instrumentation systems can potentially gather vast quantities of high-dimensional data. This implies the requirement of a repository unit that will organize the measurement data." "S. Kim, M. Choi, H. Ju, M. Ejiri, J. Hong, "Towards management requirements of Future Internet", In: "Challenges for next generation network operations and service management.", Springer, 2008, pp 156–166"
View : Functional
Perspective : (none specific)
Functionality Group : Management
Functional Component : Member, State
Domain Model : (None)
Remark :
Scratch : Gateway