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Uni Id : UNI.711
Req Type : Non-functional Requirement
Category : Scalability
Description : The Internet of Things shall not impact the scalability of the management of the Future Internet.
Rationale : ""..." the management systems and operations of Future Internet must be scalable in order to support thousands and millions of different network devices and to provide services." "S. Kim, M. Choi, H. Ju, M. Ejiri, J. Hong, "Towards management requirements of Future Internet", In: "Challenges for next generation network operations and service management.", Springer, 2008, pp 156–166" "">Q. Wang, R. Jäntti, Y. Ali, "On Network Management for the Internet of Things", 8th Swedish National Computer Networking Workshop (SNCNW) , 2012"
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Perspective : Performance and Scalability
Functionality Group : (none)
Functional Component : (none specific)
Domain Model : (None)
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